Henry Picard: The Hershey Hurricane

Henry PicardWritten by Tim Ryan “Seamus McGee”, The Hershey Hurricane is an important story about the life of amazing golfer Henry Picard. Golf history owes a great deal of thanks to Tim Ryan for preserving the story of the influential Picard, who was too modest and humble to ever write his own story. Picard was a vital link in golf history and played an influential role in the development of legends such as Hogan, Snead, Revolta, and Grout. The Hershey Hurricane chronicles the fascinating life and hall of fame career of one of the most important yet unsung heros in golf, Henry Picard. Picard was a courier of golf knowledge from Walter Hagen, Frank Ford Sr., and Alex Morrison, which he graciously passed along to greats like Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. The Hershey Hurricane documents the difficult lifestyle faced by professional golfers in the 1930s and 40s. This is truly a fantastic story of a club pro, champion golfer, and gentleman. This book should be a required read in order to pass the PGA Exam. This book is a must read for all golf enthusiast, especially golf history enthusiasts.

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